Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry: How Drugs Act and Why by: Alex Gringauz
Publisher: Wiley-VCH | ISBN:0471185450 | 1996-12-27 | Pages: 736 | DJVU | 23 MB

This work brigdges the compartmentalized undergraduate organic and biochemistry and biology subjects to the pharmacology and the clinical areas a modern pharmacy practice requires. The changes and constantly increasing responsibilities of today's pharmacist have dictated a restructuring of the pharmacy curriculum, including individual course content. This book reflects and addresses these developments. This is a well-written work that covers most major areas of pharmaceutical research. The text is presented in a logical and concise fashion being divided into chapters based upon therapeutic topic. This makes the work very useful for teaching a course in medicinal chemistry since therapeutic areas can be separately covered without having to make use of the entire book which overall contains a tremendous amount of information. This book is a significant contribution to understanding what medicinal chemistry is and how this science is used to develop new therapeutic agents.

Basic Considerations of Drug Activity.
Mechanisms of Drug Action.
Drug Metabolism and Inactivation.
Anticancer Drugs and Their Mechanism of Action.
Analgetics and Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Agents.
Antimicrobial Drugs I. Antimicrobial Drugs II.
Drugs Affecting Cholinergic Mechanisms.
Drugs Affecting Adrenergic Mechanisms.
Drugs and the Cardiovascular Diseases.
Drugs and the Cardiovascular Diseases II.
Psychoactive Drugs--Chemotherapy of the Mind.
Histamine Antagonists and Local Anesthetics.
New Developments and New Problems.

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