1st International Symposium on Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Research and Nanotechnology
5 - 6 March 2011
Milford Sound in New Zealand                Milford Sound in New Zealand             Milford Sound in New Zealand
About the Symposium
The pharmaceutical advances for considerable improvement in life expectancy and health all over the world are the result of steadily increasing investment in research. R & D in the pharmaceutical industries in India is critical to find answers for some of the diseases peculiar to tropical countries like India and also for finding solutions for unmet medical needs.
Industrial R & D groups can carryout limited primary screening to identify lead molecules or even drugs for further in vivo screening, pre-clinical pharmacology, toxicology, animal and human
pharmacokinetics and metabolic studies before taking them up for human trials
In such collaborations, harmonized standards of screening can be assured following established good laboratory practices. The future of pharmaceutical industries of India largely depend on the research and development. The R & D expenditure by the Indian pharmaceutical industries is only about 2% of their total turnover. This is obviously very low when compared to the investment of R & D by foreign research-based pharma companies. However, as India is now entering into the patent protection area, many of its Pharmaceutical industries are spending relatively more on R & D.
There is considerable scope for collaborative R & D in India which offers adequate strength to the International R & D communities. This strength largely relates to the availability of excellent scientific talents who can develop combinatorial chemistry, new synthetic molecules and plant derived drugs.
Considering the importantce of pharmaceutical research in general and nanotechnology in particular, the 1st International symposium (NanoPharma 2011) is being organized by Sri Padmavathi school of Pharmacy in collaboration with Clinfocus Research Pvt. Ltd., India during 5-6 March 2011 at Sri Padmavathi school of Pharmacy, India.
The aim of this symposium, first of its kind in India is to provide a forum for clinical researchers, nanotechnologists and pharmacists in science and healthcare industries in India for exchanging experience, sharing expertise and networking.


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